Sheer bloody-mind-ed-ness; or, reward for patience: My new camera – the stunning Panasonic GH4

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My I introduce my new baby – the stunning 4D Panasonic GH4.

Its been three years since my gear was stolen in Nice, France – the first broadcast quality camera (JVC GY-HM 100 camcorder – a beaut camera indeed) was a wonderful gift (by dear Rosemarie, a family friend) as a reward for all the work done on a certain documentary project (all community work, unpaid). To put it bluntly, I was utterly devastated for a long time after all the gear was stolen – the theft hit hard, my immediate dreams, my personal heart and my professional ability to be a film-maker with good gear.  And despite an insurance payout, I was unable to recoup the gear; and that is why I ended up here in the UAE, working as a teacher of film – in order to get back what was taken so blatantly, in a mere 60-seconds, by brazen thugs who could only destroy lives (not create beauty, a world born of imagination or truth of information) – and these actions happened despite the gear being stored in a (supposedly) ‘cyber secure’ lockup room at a backpackers in Nice, France.  I had a rude awakening to life that day – and as a result, my work practices have changed dramatically. I live with my cameras now – they don’t leave my body, unless I have the only access/key to a lockable facility!

I have continued to make films, mostly with my iPhone(s) camera.  And I’ve improved vastly, in my edits and understandings. But finally, in obtaining a hefty bank loan to cover a house move this month, plus extra Durhams for some ‘extras’, I was able to re-kit my dreams with the reality of purchasing a beautiful new cinematic quality 4K digital camera. First, I did my research – for sure – so many great camera’s on the market.  But for what I have paid in the years since the theft in emotional cost, including, leaving my family and Australia to find film work; and taking on further debt again — well now, I’m the very proud and utterly grateful owner of a broadcast/cinematic quality camera again. Oh, my — and, more. Lord help anyone who attempts to steal from me again.

A pirate skull with crossed daggers on old parchment - 3d render.

Don’t mess with me — or….

I’m yet to flex my personal and professional muscle of DOP knowledge with this camera – but give me a few months, and I will start to load some footage. I must juggle learning the camera, getting out and about for some solid filming, the demands on time and knowledge in the editing, etc, around my very very full-time job of teaching teen girls, the basics of film and photography – and my day-job really tests my patience for the sheer time needed to fulfil all the responsibilities – let alone get out to do some creative work of my own.

I dream and long to do quality stories — meaningful film (and music) work.  Whilst the clock of time ticks on, I’m not dead yet; and I just pray I have both time and talent – what it takes – to create some great work – images and stories that will be both enjoyed, educate and bring better choices for all who watch (to expand both professional networks; and extend arena’s of those who watch my work); as well as pay the bills and a fair bit more…  ah, dreams.

Night time with stars and moon

Big dreams have small beginnings….

I’ll do my best – I have the right tools again – perhaps it is ‘bloody mindedness – but I like to think that my patience and perseverence will pay off… So here’s to a creative, rewarding film production future!  In time, I will learn this camera and share the results on my Tyrian Pearl Productions YouTube channel… so.. stay tuned!  Just thought I’d share the journey – so far – with you all, my loyal readership base – thank you for supporting this blog; and your kind comments over the years.

Wish me the best of luck – I have my fingers crossed – for an abundant and kind future – with some luck that meets preparation!

Young man making a wish isolated on white background

Fingers crossed !

raw of white piggy banks with bie pink pig with clover-leaf

6 thoughts on “Sheer bloody-mind-ed-ness; or, reward for patience: My new camera – the stunning Panasonic GH4

  1. Happy Birthday Jaya, across the miles all our love and best wishes for a beautiful day, Love Atma

    Jaya Chela Drolma posted: ” My I introduce my new baby – the stunning 4D Panasonic GH4. Its been three years since my gear was stolen in Nice, France – the first broadcast quality camera (JVC GY-HM 100 camcorder – a beaut camera indeed) was a wonderful gift (b”

    • Bless you dear Atma…. so very lovely to hear from you… and sending you Joy, from my heart, to you and all your loved ones. I will post some pics soon, of my new place and… car. Been working very hard – and the time just flies. Miss your lovely smiles. Hugs to all of you xxxx jcd.

    • I’m so grateful to finally have another camera; and its only because of YOU dear Rosemarie, I am where I am now (1. I have some knowledge, bourne because I had that lovely first camera; 2. I am working in the UAE due to your support – in all ways). So it will be my HONOUR to learn this lovely camera and send you the footage. Give me a few months, as I have much to juggle before I can film, edit and load to youtube… but.. stay tuned! All my love and gratitude (you are in my thoughts, OFTEN)… xxx hugs, Jaya.

  2. Well done Jay,
    Wow, I only recently (also) added a new Panasonic Lumix to my arsenal while here in LA.
    It’s a cousin of the GH4, many similar features, 4k video, a 1″ sensor a great lens with 16X zoom, ext microphone etc etc….here’s the link to check it out.
    I got sucked in by a great deal. I couldn’t resist.
    I’m sure we’re destined to work on a project together one day.
    Big hugs,

    • So absolutely lovely to hear from you Harry – and, ditto for your beaut purchase! Honestly, I’m so grateful at this point, to finally be able to have access to a good camera – let alone this brilliant model !! I now have to make it all work for me — I’ve had much difficulty with the years past — here is to some ‘good luck’ in the near future, regarding paid film work on projects I love and support wholeheartedly… fingers crossed, our paths cross again – you can be my cameraman (hehe!) for sure!!!! Warmest regards, JCD.

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