Dami for Eurovision – Update #2 – the outcome…. ??

FULL FINAL: Eurovision Grand Final 2016

And the winner was…..  ???

2. AUSTRALIA so so close dear Dami… you have done us so proud – that is amazing! Dami’s song in my humble opinion was by far the best song in the competition. And Dami, the clearest performance professionally. Regardless, she was THE WINNER in my books…. Fantastic effort, song, performance, just, everything. Loved Dami’s dress too… just stunning – an awesomely gorgeous gown – the shoes, the armlet, the whole package.


I have written this post BEFORE the Final – and the words will still mean exactly the same thing regardless of tomorrow’s (Saturday May 14th) outcome: Dami Im, you’ve done Australia proud – win or lose – you’re a wonderful young woman who has worked very hard to better yourself as a vocal & musical talent and your performances….  and I am personally saying, ‘Thank you Dami – and, bless you’ !!  You’ve done Australia, yourself and all your family, very proud. You’re a music goddess of a human, and nothing less. All the love you’ve ever received, to deal with the battles – well done for overcoming. Your talent shines – you’re a gift – a true diamond of a gem. And long may your life be, with happiness.

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