Patricia & Mariela VazquezSuperprof ESL

Perfect! Jaya is a very good teacher with a long experience. Her methodology is taking time with the most important things to give my daughter the skills to advance properly. Apart from this, she congratulates my daughter each time she did something right, which I consider very important – July, 2019

Vincent WangSuperprof ESL

Jaya is a passionate teacher, She always share her music and life experience in the class which also helps me to talk more into the conversation. In addition, Jaya correct my pronunciation directly when we are talking and make me read a lot to add my vocabularies. I’m lucky to have a teacher like Jaya. – April, 2019

Michael Volpe, PhD – Managing Director XPLORE ASIA

Jacqueline (Jaya) Lewis came through our organization Teach Explore Asia, Co. Ltd (XploreAsia) in May 2018 and taught in Thailand from May 2018 until February 2019.

While with XploreAsia, Ms. Lewis took an orientation course. Following the orientation course, Ms. Lewis taught students from kindergarten to primary six and performed exceptionally well, integrating within the community seamlessly, showing flexibility, adaptability, and teaching competence that put her at the top 5% of the class of over 700 teachers we graduate and place in Thailand each year.

In addition to her work in the classroom and assimilating into the culture, Ms. Lewis overcame many challenges. Her biggest challenge she overcame was learning how to effectively communicate with her students in class. She was able to overcome this by learning to speak slower, and repeat instructions, essentially changing her behavior to better help her students.

In the time spent in Thailand, Ms. Lewis taught about one hundred and twenty students per week and also taught about fifteen students after school in after-school care classes. Her biggest achievement while in Thailand has been overcoming the challenges she faced everyday in the classroom and persevering in teaching her students, even when she felt they did not understand or did not like the class. In future, she would like to teach in either Vietnam or South Korea in a private or international school.

Ms. Lewis’s great energy, passion for learning, and skills make me very confident that she will make a strong contribution to any organization that hires her. If you have any questions or would like further information on Ms. Lewis’s performance or contribution while teaching in Thailand, please do not hesitate to contact me. – January 31, 2019

Sarah Nesti Willard – Art Instructor UAE UNIVERSITY

EXCERPT: I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Jacqueline Lewis (Jaya) for about two years, whilst employed at the Institute of Applied Technology in Al Ain, UAE.
Jacqueline has been firstly employed as a Creative Media Teacher and then, in the second year, she also undertook Creative Design.
As a colleague she has always been helpful, collaborative and often went out of her way to help other peer teachers, as well as students. Jacqueline and I, in fact, have spent some time training each other on various Adobe programs and applications, which were requested from our institute.
As a teacher, she is assertive but also very giving: she would go out of her way to help those studentswith potential, supervising them and helping them get on with their work even out of school time. Ms. Lewis has also a finely developed personal moral:she would stand up for a cause, if she truly supports it.
To conclude, I would like to say that, technically, Ms. Jacqueline is not only an excellent producer and filmmaker, but also a refined singer and actress; as far as I am concerned, she keeps her skills up to date by being involved in many different projects that involve singing, acting or producing short films. She is a truly creative person, and for this reason I would recommend her for any position that requires an innovating and independent mind. – July 30, 2017

Ray Talbot – Operations & Wealth Manager GLOBAL EYE

Jaya is a talented and creative film and documentary producer who uses her years of experience to teach and pass on her skills to the next generation of creative minds. Jaya is also an accomplished vocalist and voice over artist who has published material available through her own web sites. – January 13, 2016

Agata Stadnik – Creative Director AGATAS

I had the pleasure of working with Jaya for about two years; while she was part of the Creative Media team, teaching grade 10-12 of Emirati high school students – I highly recommend her. She is very creative, passionate, dedicated and consistently good-nature, even under extreme pressure. Jaya is a great team player, positive and always willing to work very hard to help students grow – she was invited twice to be an Expert for the EmiratesSkills National Competition ’14 and ’15. Jaya will be a great addition to any creative team. – June 24, 2015

Nesma Omar – Creative Media Instructor STS ADVETI

I have worked with Jaya for almost a year. She has demonstrated wonderful initiative and a positive attitude. Both qualities have made her a valuable member of our team. Further, she is intuitive to the needs of those around her, she is helpful, and would welcome and assist guests with the utmost care and concern. She would certainly make an impactful and positive addition to any establishment. – May 25, 2015

Rosemarie Zalec, Grad Dip Ed (Teacher Librarianship), Charles Sturt University Student Wellbeing, Special Needs & Environment Officer SACRED HEART PRIMARY SCHOOL

EXCERPT: I am delighted to recommend Jaya Lewis to you. She would be a great asset to have on a school staff in any school – primary, secondary or tertiary. She works well with children and young people. My students felt very comfortable and at ease as Jaya discussed ideas and worked with them to develop the film. She understood them and treated them with great respect. Children very quickly trusted her and were very “natural” in her presence. As an educator she understands learning and is very supportive of students as they “have a go” Her performing arts background assisted her as she helped to “coach” children to be confident in front of the camera.

I want to pay tribute to Jaya’s most recent film that she developed, “Be aware, take care” I am delighted in the way Jaya has managed to capture with her film making skills, the joy of learning the children experienced. She has been most sensitive in her final editing of the material that she filmed. The children in the film are having fun, are masters of their own learning and doing a first rate job “teaching kids”.

My final word: Jaya is a delight to work with. She is hard working, competent, creative and very dedicated. She knows her material and will seek to find out should there be a need to learn. Jaya is very professional in her approach to her film making.

Jaya knows and understands the correct protocols and procedures and follows them. She speaks with a quiet authority and is approachable at all times. I value her expertise, her knowledge and her professional approach.
I highly recommend her to you. Furthermore, I am willing to provide additional feedback, if requested. – August 21st, 2013

Daniel Zalec – Writer

EXCERPT: Jaya conducts herself with the utmost integrity at all times in her professional life, as she strives for the highest standards in her projects. Her exceptional work ethic is the driving force that underlies all her chosen endeavors, and she is able to operate efficiently and effectively in both a collaborative and individual context. Jaya holds a BA in Screen Production & Music. It is her ability, however, to draw from her wide variety of life and professional experience, including decades in the Arts which results in her unique professional versatility backed by a noteworthy capacity for advanced creative and practical lateral thinking. – January 16, 2012

Daniel’s Tribute to Jaya’s work for FireWater

Arne Bold – Activist

As an objective truth advocate and strategic film maker , Jaya’s work is of great value for the well-being and future of mankind . Jaya’s selfless devotion to exposing the lies and fighting for justice and freedom from globalist oppression is driven by righteousness , not financial gain or personal advancement . Jaya ‘s work is well researched and documented and reflects her deep passion for ending the insanity of corporate crimes against humanity . In today’s unethical world Jaya’s work is truly a rare gem , solid , undeniable , to the point and eye opening – December 17, 2011