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Covers Disclaimer: Jaya Khoobsurat has recorded these pop songs as Demo versions – there are no rights reserved. All legal rights belong to the original recording artists and publishing companies.

Jaya wishes to personally thank each musician who has given permission to use their original work for these demo backings; all other commercial backings were paid for with license from reputable karaoke companies.

Demo tracks recorded & mixed in Vancouver, BC Canada at:
Digital Sound Magic Recording Studios Ltd.
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 ‘Desert Rose’ (Sting)
Studio Recorded November, 2017



 ‘Bring Me To Life’ (Evanescence)
Studio Recorded November, 2017


 ‘S.O.S. d’un terrienne en detresse’  (Daniel Balavoine)
Studio Recorded November, 2017
      *For Mina, with gratitude 

LYRICS (English & French)
SOS D_un Terrienne en Detresse


 ‘The Power of Love’  (Gabrielle Aplin)
Studio Recorded November, 2017


 ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’  (Judy Garland)
Studio Recorded November, 2017


You'll See III By Oscar Marquez

‘You’ll See’  (Madonna)
Studio Recorded November, 2017



I Wanna Know What Love Is’ (Foreigner)
Studio Recorded November, 2017
Piano & backing instruments arranged by Jackson Taylor


What is this child Phantom Piper

‘What Child Is This’  (Traditional)
Studio Recorded November, 2017
Original arrangement by Harald Weinkum, music by permission of  Jane Espie  ‘The Phantom Piper’



 ‘The Power of Love’ (Celine Dion)
Studio Recorded November, 2017



 ‘Tum Hi Ho’  (Aashiqui 2)
Studio Recorded October, 2017

Nb. Not perfect pronunciation – please forgive any faults – Jaya had just three days to learn this song from scratch. If RE-recording for commercial use, she will gather a Hindi teacher to assist her pronunciation. 🙏🏻🌹😇

LYRICS (Phonetic English & Hindi)
Tum Hi Ho


“A very special ‘Thank you’ to Luigi Capizzi (Youtube) who encouraged me to record the classic Daniel Guichard ‘La Tendresse’; has given me support when there was none; and then, created these beautiful videos after convincing me it was time to release them as demos.”
~ Jaya Khoobsurat, November 2017


‘La Tendresse’  (Daniel Guichard)
Studio Recorded October, 2017 – Original music arrangement by Arthur Haesendon, Belgium (Tyros 5 Tyrosauruss Youtube)

LYRICS (Phonetic & English)
La tendresse



 ‘Remember When It Rained’  (Josh Groban)
Studio Recorded October, 2017


OLDER DEMO TRACKS Recorded in Brisbane, Australia

Only Hope - Mandy Moore

‘Only Hope’  (Mandy Moore)
Studio Recorded December, 2013
Special thanks to Patrick Creamer & Revelation Studios (Nerang, QLD) for his support.


Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler

‘Wind Beneath My Wings’  (Bette Midler)
Studio Recorded May 1997



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