Journey Begins – Foxtel Promo Airing Now

I was both privileged and grateful to have been involved professionally for parts of the filming for the new Foxtel Promo, Journey Begins – filmed in-and-around Broken Hill.

It’s hard to imagine just by looking at this polished few seconds of screen time, but there was three full solid days of filming for what has translated to only the barest few seconds, per location and story line – for the sections of footage I worked in ( I was the Runner for this particular job, for the Broken Hill section of the shoot); however, each frame is flawless in the finished product!

There are other scenes/storylines, in this promo that I did not partake in, of which many more days would have been required to finalize the filming process – Foxtel have amalgamated animation with reality, ‘old’ shows and well-loved favourites, with the fresh theme of the promo ‘look’.

Just know dear reader, that there was so much dedication and hard work put in by a tight team/crew, for these precious few seconds you now get to watch from the ease of your computer/tv – such is film work!

So, enjoy!

Foxtel: Journey Begins

3 thoughts on “Journey Begins – Foxtel Promo Airing Now

    1. Thank you dear Terri… well, one has to begin a journey of 1000 steps, with just one. I’ll keep taking the ‘one step’ until I drop off this ol’ planet – film is in my bloodstream; as is, music too !


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