NEW Book Product: Love Bytes & Life Lines by Yidananda


Love Bytes & Life Lines by Yidananda


A beautiful book of Universal sayings about Love.

Love Bytes & Life Lines by Yidananda

What is this book about?

“The book is about being in the Now i.e. in Timelessness (as well as Love)”


Two sayings per page (as per photo) with small logo.

eg. 1. “Love makes us Humane, Much more, Than merely Human.”

2. “The word of Power, Is Love.”

3. “The Little Kind Things that you do, Those Little Kind Things, Are you.”


Written lovingly by Yogi Yidananda, shortly before his passing from the earthly plane,

this is the sweetest book to give as a gift, anytime.

These are all original quotes from out of the depths of Yidananda’s own

‘near death experiences’ as he was reaching for the other side (he died of Emphysema).


Perfect for meditation; or when you need a quick pick-me-up,

direction in daily life or just, inspiration.

Makes a great book for next to your bed, or, the ‘littlest room in the house’

(you know, those restful times away from the hustle & bustle –

when you want something easy and nurturing to read – a real smile moment!)

A perfect gift for all who need upliftment.



1 x copy = $10 + p&h

5 x copies = $45 + p&h

10 x copies = $85 + p&h


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