The Rich Pulin Musical Family – they are simply AWESOME!

Photo on 2010-07-20 at 10.02Meet Rich Pulin…
…a wonderful musician of many generations lineage, who loves nothing better than playing, researching and nurturing, music!


Their whole playlist is just awesome… just click ‘Play All’ top right of the page on the link above.


I just had to do a post on these guys – the Rich Pulin Musical Family.

I’ve been following them for some time now, via email; and their Revernation channel.. They are simply, AWESOME !!  Their style is ‘old world’ blues/jazz/classy smoozjy music, very easy to listen to… the TECHNICALITY of their work is a brilliant combination of family musical genius/genetics, years of practice, attention to detail and just, well…  technical mastery!

Take Brooke – she is a STUNNING SINGER – I mean, listen to this: ‘Loving you’ ;  this beauty, Gotta Believe’ ; and, for sheer ‘smoothness’, ‘Waiting for You’

But the WHOLE family.. they are all fab muso’s…. take a good listen to THIS PLAYLIST.

And lately, I’ve been reading a bit of the research that Rich has been compiling – sent by email…  truly, this stuff is gold – so all you muso’s out there, dig into the PDF ‘s I’ve put together from his emails… there is some utter gold here:

Rich’s Research Blog so far….. (PDF) RICH PULINs  RESEARCH BLOG


The family also RAISE FUNDS for abused dogs….. and, LOOK AFTER other musicians with charitable works.

Truly, love, this family.


3 thoughts on “The Rich Pulin Musical Family – they are simply AWESOME!

  1. Thanks Jaya, Hours of listening pleasure, plus a bonus lead to Virginia Zeani, perhaps the greatest Violetta of her day, then on to fellow Rumanian Oda Slobodskaya , both taught in the old style of voice quality and preservation, they both sang into their late sixties + . If you have a 1/2 hour to spare, tell me what you think of them . Thanks again, much Love Michael xoxo Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 08:07:09 +0000 To:


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