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Gosh, what a ride!  Its been a packed six weeks – where has the time fled…! For me, picking up the iPhone 5 camera and getting out and about has been a challenge (*chuckle!*) – yes, my little film insights were a welcome reprieve from the working life.

Working full-time…  yes, it’s been a very, very full time, teaching many young women, the very basics of film…. and its almost time to start seeing the first attempts of their work — and I’m getting excited to see what they come up with (but sorry folks, I cannot share, for  in the UAE – as per the rest of the world – schools are a private place!).

After the hectic time that has now gone, firstly staying in a large hotel; then with the gracious and kindly  hospitality of one of the other teachers at her unit; and now, happily in my own unit, I have a little time to share some my impressions.


LTFTG #1: Ajman Sunset – From the timber traditional fishing boats, to a street cat with pride, to the profoundly dignified camel who looks magnificient in traditional desert colours, to outdoor activities, or just enjoying or, swimming in the turquoise Gulf waters, the people of Ajman shine their warmth.

LTFTG #2: Shapes Architectual – The design of buildings have always intrigued me — as the daughter of an architect, I hold dear, interesting shapes, sacred forms of living quarters – including the worlds tallest building – Burj Khalifa…  the UAE has wonderfully different buildings.  Enjoy this tiny film offering, often filmed as best I could, from taxis as I travelled around.

LTFTG #3: A taste of Dubai Mall – A teaser trailer! A little of Dubai Mall – the most jawdropping place to visit – let alone shop.. and talk about…  HUGE.  I mean… wear comfy shoes — this place is expansive, and like all things ‘Arab’, BIG and, sumptuous. Every imaginable store, beautifully clean, abundant in a way I’ve never experienced before.. truly, a-maze-zing! I’ll explore this place more, as I can.

LTFTG #4: Sheik Zayed Mosque – Enjoy the quiet sanctity of this beautiful mosque – simply awesome beauty and size, in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Bear in mind, I cannot just go and film people’s faces; and must have permission to film stores, and many public places. So, the glimpses I have given here, have been by gracious folks willing to share the wonders of this country. I hope I’ve done everyone proud.

Please forgive the technicals – for these films are not ‘perfect’ camerawork – filmed handheld with my iPhone 5… but…  Welcome to the first little stories – some films of insight into daily life of the UAE.  I hope you like these…. I’ll do my best to post a film or two a month… but no promises – LOL! Depends on how busy I am… but, will do my best.

With Little Tales from the Gulf, I aim to share some daily insights. I hope you enjoy them.

Till next time… Shukran (thanks) – for reading/watching !

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