LTFI (Little Tales from India) #1 – Classical & Folk Dance from India; and, Ayurgruham Ayurveda Hospital in Kochin, Kerala



I recently had the privelage to film a Classical and Folk dance presentation by three local Kerala dancers…

I was taking some well-earned healing rest and recuperation at The Ayurgruham Ayurveda Hospital in during wet, frog croaking monsoon weather – with first-class traditional Ayurvedic treatments twice-a-day, affordable accommodation, wonderful caring staff; and a beautifully designed building that sits calmly tucked up in amongst the tropical lushness of Kothamangalan, Kerala, its a real retreat to go back to again, and, again.


Dr Anish Viswanadhan & JCD relax in between monsoon rains


Glorious monsoon rain, with the frogs as the ongoing chorus – bliss !


Guests, Mothers and JCD


3 Dancers stand (L to R: Archer, Ann, Rose) with Dr Anish Viswanadhan, Saravana Kumar, Guests, and JCD at the Stage of The Ayurgruham Ayurveda Hospital 

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 3.27.42 PM

Staff of The Ayurgruham Ayurveda Hospital stand outside the Ayurvedic Goddess Temple

Ayurveda Logo1

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