A Womans Worth: Her Heart

11817247_882773275138032_2856665051028465528_nI’ve learned that a woman’s worth…

… is not what the world, or, a man decides she is worth – for once the world has judged her; or, the chase is over, and a man has had his way, he will move on. No. A woman’s worth is that she cared enough to allow a man (and then, a family perhaps) into her world, and regardless of how she was treated, she allowed him/them to experience her heart. Therefore, a woman is not a conquest to be deemed only worthy of ‘taking’ from – for plucking the petals of a flower only ruins its beauty, crushing its fragrance. No. A woman’s worth is the purity of her heart, an essence so refined it cannot be measured in money, or passing sentiment – it is the value of care she gave to nurture another, even if for the briefest of encounters; the love she shared unconditionally. Therefore, a woman’s worth – her heart – is incalculable. So for all woman reading this, who doubt their feminine ‘worth’ – may the Universe reward your karmic ‘due’, in full, boomeranging with all love, kindness and sensitivity, returning what you have given with your purest heart. Amen, this is my prayer for all women, myself included – a Divine realisation and unmitigated request. Integrity, that brave world that cannot be compromised.   ~ JCD, August 10, 2015.


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