Why I use Elektra Magnesium products?

JK Recommends Elektra Magnesium products

Elektra-App-logo STRESS! That big bad word.  It happens to all of us at some point – the nerves are on edge, the body is aching, and we just can’t cope so well – we get ‘snippy’ at our loved ones, we yell, rant and rave – we might even swear like.. blinkin’ ‘ell and more!   But, perhaps… we just need more magnesium in our cells. Here is my lifesaver –  Magnesium Chloride, pure and good, sourced from the Tibetan plateau; made into a fabulous range of beautifully formulated products; and now, distributing Australia-wide and, Internationally.

Elektra Magnesium a family-owned company based on the Gold Coast in Australia – you are welcome to order directly from their site (click on the icons to the left to order). HOWEVER, Elektra Magnesium is expanding their distribution base – JCD recommends, that you CONTACT the company for any International Distribution enquiries you may have (including UAE distribution).

Extract from the Elektra Magnesium website:

“Elektra Magnesium body care products have been specially formulated using natural ingredients to deliver high amounts of magnesium to the epidermis using our convenient and easy-to-apply Magnesium Cream moisturizer and/or Magnesium Oil Spritz. They are great to maintain healthy-looking skin and with massage to relax muscle tension. For a rejuvenating magnesium footsoak or bath try Elektra Magnesium Chloride Salt Flakes (the purest salts from the Tibetan Plateau). Relax and enjoy! “

For further Elektra Magnesium video recommendations,

To contact Elektra Magnesium, CLICK HERE (tell them, Jaya sent you)

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