Merry Christmas 2020 ~ Jaya Khoobsurat

Wishing everyone around the world a beautiful day – at very least, with kindness of family, friends, a special meal, beauty of environment, the gift of life being a treasured day. For those who do not have such blessings, may the Divine protect you from harm, and bring you a gentle peace to keep your smile bright.

Look after your loved ones, health, heart and environment – to be nurtured with great care.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2020 ~ Jaya Khoobsurat

  1. Jaya
    it delights me to see how well and happy a gypsy you are, I think you have shed many years in making this adventure, keep up the good work. Much Love Michael xoxo

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    1. What a sweet comment… thank you Michael… I am sure I’ve thrown off some shackles in the drive up… certainly cleared the decks on a few issues. I start fresh here in Darwin… a huge set of challenges ahead, but I’m emotionally ready.


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