Africa & Amazon on Fire – Power of LOVE

The Power of Love – Gabriel Aplin cover

SOLO: BY SPECIAL REQUEST – The Power of Love ♥️💜♥️💜🙏🏻😇 – I was asked by a very dear friend to sing this piece.  Please wear headphones for sound balance phones as this is a Smule recording (not studio balance or engineered – just pure voice, sung in one take, without altering the fundamental vocal abilities).  This song is sung for for the Amazon & Africa jungles that are burning, and the Australia’s GBR – the precious air, earth, water, oceans, and all the precious animals and birds, for without, our lives will be diminished and even, removed.
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Amazing documentary: ‘The Animal Communicator’

This is a preview of the full film (available as a DVD HERE )

Enjoy this one…. its utterly incredible !

What if you could talk to animals and have them talk back to you?

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2 heartwarming videos: Joy, Compassion & Kindness

Let there be more joy, compassion and kindness in the world…

Best Penny Ever Spent

​Fiona the Blind Dog

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‘Synergy’ – A celebration of one school of brilliant kids Artworks!

IMG_1912 photo

‘Synergy’ is the annual Art Exhibition held in the school Library in which Coombabah State High School (Queensland) presents both traditional and digital art from Years 8 to 12.

What a fantastic show of talent from young people!

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TS #11 Meet Stumpy, the Blue Tongue Lizard who lives in the garden

TPP TS #11 Stumpy the Blue Tongue Lizard who lives in the Garden
Watch in HD, full-screen. Share. ‘Like’. Enjoy!

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TPP LAUNCH: ‘Kids Teaching Kids: Be Aware. Take Care.’

Full documentary, ‘Be Aware. Take Care.’

Playlist of all 12 x individual stories



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JK: Promoting our natural world

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to be able to film various ‘critters’ who graced my path of life ie. Frogs, Koala’s, Emus, Magpies, Birds & Bees, Kangaroos, Sea-life.

Please take the time to peruse these various documentary’s and short films.

Why Passion matters

Captain Paul and his team are truly, hero’s. His ‘clients‘ agree.

Howling For Justice

Iconic environmental activist, Captain Paul Watson, explains why passion is more important to him than experience, when he selects volunteers to join the fight to save whales.

As a wolf advocate I wholeheartedly embrace Captain Watson’s philosophy.

Hold onto your passion, wear it as a badge of honor, let your warrior spirit drive you on!

Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things……Denis Diderot,  French philosopher.


Video: YouTube Courtesy Sea Shepherd

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Whale Requiem

Go, Sea Shepherd!




January 11, 2013

Today the Japanese whaling fleets are in the Southern Ocean

preparing to harpoon

literally hundreds of endangered whales

under the guise of “Scientific Research.”

The world governments refuse to intervene

therefore, the only help the whales will receive

is from individuals

like you and me

and volunteer groups laying their lives on the line

to put themselves between the harpoons and the whales themselves.

Will we stand by?

I will not.

Take any action available to protect our ocean’s wildlife.

Call governmental leadership, write letters, post to blogs, write poetry,

use all social networking platforms availabe to ring this URGENT bell.

On behalf of the innocent, sentient beings who cannot speak for themselves,

Thank You.

~Gerean Pflug, The Animal Spirits


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Take Action. Think Frogs! Documentary launch

Project Details  | Project WebsitePurchase DVD

‘Take Action. Think Frogs!’

We launched publicly on December 8th, 2011

at the Department of Primary Industries, Mildura VICTORA.


Original music was commissioned to Skye-Tara Lewis

who currently performs at the Gold Coast Youth Orchestra.