I Will Survive Promo Airing Now

Promo video that I worked on in Silverton and Broken Hill, 2012

[Update July, 2013: LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE to 

I Will Survive Promo 2012 ]

Despite this was a challenging film shoot (and it was freezing cold !),
the promo has been cut well and looks great…
I just love the images from the Mundi Mundi plains !

2 thoughts on “I Will Survive Promo Airing Now

  1. I Will Survive Promo: Neat piece of work; perhaps a bit too rapid to digest but sharp, attractive of attention; crisp shooting and well edited: very impressive work, Jaya and Daniel



    1. Thank you sincerely Roy, for your insights and thoughts on the Promo. But just so you know, Daniel and myself did not do any of the filming or editing, as this was a Network Ten filmshoot (a crew of around 35 people – Sydney-siders; and local freelance film professionals.). No, instead, we worked in the roles of Unit Manager (Jaya) and Runner (Daniel). Basically we kept the crew happy at various locations, with hot tea, coffee & sweets, running a zillion errands, collecting and dropping off various cast members; and general running around.


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