Water: Films to inform and inspire

Last year, I composed a summary of the 2011 Voices from the Waters film festival, in which I listed a number of films that appealed to me.

I have done further research since, and endeavoured to source video links to some more of those films:

And the River flows on

The Warriors of Qiugang

One Water  (utterly sublime film, that took over six years to document!)

The Work of 1000

Dams – The Lethal Water  Bombs (very scary stuff)

Water Makes Money

The Miracle Water Village

The Well: Water Voices from Ethiopia (my most favourite of all the films shown – just brilliant!)

The Buffalo Flows

Fire Water (my film, which also screened at the festival)

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Remember to support all these hard-working filmmakers by sharing the links above via email and social media, purchasing DVD’s, or even making direct contact where possible. Water issues are among the most serious in the world; and filmmakers hold the powerful keys to wide-scale education and awareness. If I had to pick one film from those listed above, which continues to inspire me, it would have to be The Warriors of Qiugang.

“Villagers in central China take on a chemical company that is poisoning their land and water. For five years they fight to transform their environment and as they do, they find themselves transformed as well.” Source

I look forward to the day when I can read a similar statement in reference to the inevitable abolition of  the practice of water fluoridation in Australia. I only hope, as a filmmaker, I am there to document the celebrations when the final nail gets rammed into the fluoridation coffin.

Meanwhile, enjoy The Warriors of Qiugang:

[Parts 2–5: Watch here]

– Jaya

5 thoughts on “Water: Films to inform and inspire

  1. A friend of mine recently commented, regarding this post, “Very powerful graphics to present the focused message. I like this social conscience art form.”


  2. Hey Jaya, great post.

    I liked your point about the hard-working filmmakers. When you and I were watching these films in Bangalore, I was acutely aware of the technical challenges some of these filmmakers must have faced. Tremendous work indeed.

    I hope we can submit another film to this festival one day.



    1. Yes Daniel, this festival was a blessed time – a truly magnificient selection of films from around the world on the issues surrounding, ‘Water’ – our most vital of resources, for without, we shrivel and dry. I agree, that some of these films were so technically difficult, or filmed in such remote areas testing the filmmaker’s patience, perserverence and consistently positive actions. So much TLC went into making, following, reporting, and generally, getting wet with the knowledge filming the issues surrounding the care for, or, corruption of water. I sincerely hope we are able to submit another water film to this most wonderful and vital of film festivals. Special mention must go to George Kutty, the festival Director, who assembled such a dazzling array of wonderful films from around the globe; and for inspiring the brilliant trailer: http://youtu.be/NRKX1rGe8wc

      Highlights of the festival can also be found, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie16yp2dF5U


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