I’m worth…


I’m worth…

A courageous life, filled with victories. This revealing brave post is the start of that – and a whole new life ahead.

I’m worth all the following, and worth fighting for, because I’ve fought for others my entire life.

AND, I wish this, for every single woman reading this… because.. you ARE ‘worth’ nothing LESS than, being treated kindly, with respect, love, sweetness and, given the opportunity:

I’m worth life’s beauty, wisdom and love, for all of the following reasons:

– Honouring my past and all people who were part of it – this shaped me to who I am now.

– Not carrying any negative ‘baggage’ – emotional, physical or spiritual – its a burden and destroys the ‘now’. I leave behind the dysfunctions of the past, and embrace only the present with compassion and honesty, to create a positive future.

– Having a strong sense of ‘belonging’. The tie to the Earth is the strongest bond of ‘belonging’.

– A country of artistic and professional opportunies for the fulfillment of my life; and a base to make my home in. I’ll let the Divine assist me in finding this place – Australia was my birthplace, but does not feel like ‘home’ at present.

– Creative and fulfilling work that embraces high-quality music, film production, and the Arts in general – international in scope, talents and story-telling embodiment. To attain a completely satisfying career and personal, success.

– A clean, safe bed to sleep in. Every single night.

– An aesthetically pleasing, well designed and functional home with a gorgeous tree-filled garden near the ocean, paid-in-full in my name – not too big to clean and maintain; not too small to feel cramped and uncreative – that protects and shelters my loved ones and I.

– Sheltering others – so, at least one investment property would be great.

– A lovely new car of my own that is solid on the road, safe and sure, to get me from A to B to Z.

– Educational opportunities to keep learning and improving my knowledge base.

– A solid base-income; with some passive income streams, that provide for a loving, protective life of material blessings and opportunities for my close loved ones and I; and to provide further, onto my extended family of humanity.

– To be in my feminine energy most of the time – not my masculine – I am a woman after all.

– If its in the right alignment for my karma’s, then a man of imagination, artistic appreciation, professional skill and personal courage, with a great big heart, emotional intelligence and very fine integrity to share my life with, in joy and peace.

– Vitally, if the latter happens, then to be touched right as a woman each and every single day for the rest of my life ie lots of cuddling, being touched sacredly, gently, sweetly, honorably, passionately, lovingly, joyously.

– Not to be cheated on; or lied to; nor having to deal with self-deceits….as I don’t cheat or lie or deceive myself – especially in my closest and most intimate relationships; or in looking at myself – I own my ‘faults’, and will continue to improve my weaknesses or, ‘failings’.

– Being adored; as I adore my loved ones.

– Protecting; As I protect.

– Nurturing; as I nurture.

– Loving; as I love others.

– To be spoken to with respect, caring and honesty – a clear flow of open communication that embraces kindness along with the truths of life. No abuse. I deserve better to be spoken to on a daily level with my beloved, than bogan potty-mouthed talk, so readily expressed in Or-stray-lee-yah. Not too much to ask.

– Beautiful, classic, funky, modern, simple styled clothing, nice quality but not many pairs of shoes, makeup (I love cruelty-free; and nice lipstick), perfumes or scented oils to honour the physical form; and a little refined jewellery – pearls in general; and a single dark blue sapphire ring at some point (but I’m not much of a bling girl; and dislike wearing diamonds).

– Compassionate and caring friendships based on playfulness, wisdom, sharing and joy.

– To travel widely in the course of business AND pleasure – to expand my knowledge and perceptions of life.

– Holidays and adventures! Yes, I’m worth decent holidays… just chilling out and relaxing – doing nothing much at all, but, renewing.  Adventures to Greece, France, Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland, South America…..  and perhaps Hawaii.

– To leave behind a deeply compassionate legacy for children and adults that educates, brings humour, protects, nurtures, nourishes them.

– My health – to improve; then, maintain.

– Eating fresh fruit and vegetables as the basis of a clean healthy diet. Every single day.

– Living a cyclic life – as a woman, to be in tune with my body’s rhythms, and build a life based on ‘flow’.

– Enjoying clean safe water, air and earth.

– Not being ‘controlled’ by others – especially, my loved ones.

– Having sincere friends I respect and enjoy spending time with – especially a circle of sweet, strong girlfriends; and, having men-friends with sexual and emotional integrity.

– Learning self-defense techniques – because, the world is not a safe place any longer.

– Having a sense of local and community spirit – feeling connected to life, people, community.

– To grow old with spiritual and physical Grace, filling my honeypot with amrita — nectar — becoming like a perfume, as if a deep, dark rich red rose.

– Enlightenment: to be free of the shackles of Karma – to leave this earthly plane, finished in all my worldly and spiritual lessons.

– To smile much, much more, than I cry.

I’m worth…… Being a happy, fulfilled divine, loving, protected, creative and spiritual being.


2 thoughts on “I’m worth…

  1. I wish you all those things and; unselfishly I wish them for myself. I never had time for me and that is a sadness and loss one can never get back. I do send to you, all the love and kindest blessings always, Your friend, Diane Drayton Buckland


    1. Then darling Di, know you can have all this, to your own wishes too… visualise your dreams. I will send you something to help you. I will always love, cherish and honour you, and your wonderful efforts Di…. you are a national treasure; and boy, I know this in my bones. All blessings to you, always. xxx JCD.


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