Missing thy Beloved


I miss thy Beloved… miss thy touch, taste, smell, sound, beauty, peace, joy, incredible, bliss.

Where art thou sweet heart? Thy gentle smile…. The heart of Light of Love, passion, fire, zest; an abode together, warmed and nurtured by, simple Divine Loving.

Where has the heart’s purity fled to.. ? Into the vast sunset of love lost…….?

How can love last in this world of fleeting pleasures, found so easily amongst the many millions of breasts and loins.

Where art thou…………?

My beating heart misses you, thy beloved.

Take me Home, soon.


© 2014 jayakhoobsurat.com

Nb. No rights reserved on the beautiful pictures in this post – for these pics belong to other artists – I can only admire the beauty and care, in each.

2 thoughts on “Missing thy Beloved

    1. It is hard to feel, ‘unwanted’, but for ‘one bit’ or, ‘two bits’… only the Beloved, can Love one, completely, unconditionally.

      Bless you dear Kate, always… that you find your Beloved.


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