Shamanic and Tibetan journey’s… Brainwave entrainment pulses

Shamanic Journey Deep Theta 7.5 Hz Spirit Guide 4.5 Hz Shaman Consciousness

Deep Shamanic, Tibetan Meditation Music with 4.5Hz Theta Binaural Brainwaves. Total Peace ☯008

I have no affiliation to the artists or companys; nor earn anything by promoting this music. I just thought you’d like to hear these pieces… gorgeous.  So ‘connected’ to life…  rythmic, pulsing, and has brainwave entrainment underlying, so its great for the brainwaves…. 

Warning: Don’t listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. Use headphones for best results.

You can find more of this music here:


Additionally, I just decided to add the following album… I’ve been listening to this for many years, and I still love it. So, since this post has the beauty of brainwave entrainment plus Shamanic culture, I thought to add one more deeply cultural peace promoting video – no, its not officially ‘brainwave entrainment’… but, the rythyms, beautiful melodies, brilliant strings and percussive elements that soothe mean, I must keep this album also within this post…  I am simply a huge FAN of this album – but I have no affiliation or links to the composers. I just hope this album keeps being listened to for many years ahead – just, love it!

Sacred Spirit – (1994) Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans [Full Album]

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