A positive Gastro experience… seriously, after all the pain… some joy!


I’ve had some fairly debilitating and painful (++!!) gut troubles the past decade/few years/months/weeks… and after some quality diagnosis last month in Kerala, India, I had to deal with a small op today (in Dubai, UAE) – a Colonoscopy to check for Diverticulitis.

After the procedure, blessedly, I am cleared of anything sinister – but the journey of learning and dealing with the gut troubles has been vital.

So, I would like to thank publicly, the following people, in getting me to have the tenacity; and courage to take the necessary steps to:

1. Sort out my diet to a better place; eat enough high fibre foods; and drink enough fluids/plain water each day during even the busiest of schedules;

2. Giving me the best advice ever, in taking all the necessary steps needed to clear the challenges of ill health;

3. Looking after me in their very special ways….


Dr Anish

Dr. Anish Viswanadhan – Ayurvedic Doctor (Kochin, Kerala, India)


Dr Nidhin

 Dr. Nidhin Dev – Ayurvedic Doctor (Kochin, Kerala, India)


Dr Tarel Saleh

Dr. Tarek Saleh – Gastroenterologist (Dubai, UAE)

Click here: What is a Colonoscopy?


A special mention to a wonderful lady – May Jackson – for her compassion in looking after me recently, when I was very ill last month (you know who you are; and for your care, kindness and concern, I am so very very grateful).

And to Shoaib, who has been a friend throughout all this – bless you for your thoughtfulness and offering, then taking the day off work in support – that is precious).

Additionally, my friend Bronwyn – thank you sincerely for all your warmth and caring the past nine months; and sweet Emily who helps me each month so much with dealing with the domestics. You are both irreplaceable. 

Plus, my family in Australia, who for so many years during my bouts of gut problems, have looked after my needs when I have been ill; supported and cared about me.

You are all so appreciated and loved by me.

Thank you Rose petal hands

2 thoughts on “A positive Gastro experience… seriously, after all the pain… some joy!

  1. My dear girl I didn’t know. It sounds like you’re on the mend. The world is a little crazy at the moment, I hope you are safe.

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    1. It’s been an ongoing battle…. and I have to be very careful of diet these days – high fibre and lots of fresh whole foods, not much glutens, and watch I drink enough. Thanks for your kind words…… Stay safe too.. yes, its a crazy world. xx J.


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