Ave Maria; Autumn Leaves and Remember When It Rained (re-recorded) – new efforts

My latest efforts include Ave Maria, and Autumn Leaves (with the Eva Cassidy version backing track); and I’ve re-recorded the Josh Groban song, Remember When It Rained…

… this is an incredibly challenging song to sing – especially in the female Soprano version, which I have only just been able to hit the notes properly – incredible high and the pitching of these notes accurately, straight off, is the real challenge.  Its taken me two years so far, to get to this point with this song, in my ability.

Ave Maria is very difficult to sing cleanly – it seems simple as a listener on the outset; but… as a singer, its way more a challenge to execute that one would think. The difficulty is in the diaphragm breathing – to allow the breath to flow out, not, be forced (thereby losing breathing control) in holding the long notes, then inhaling enough breath and quickly enough to sing the next notes.  That is why a singer that can master this song, is worth their weight in knowledge and experience. I’m working on it.

One day, I hope to be able to record in a studio again.. for now, these were recorded very simply, in my office – no sound padding or even a single microphone. Just me and the Mac and, Garage Band software. But, I hope you enjoy these humble, long practiced efforts.  

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