Stunning songs – much joy in the creation!

I have the greatest of joy in sharing some of the cream of my recordings the past few months – all songs, and many many more, can be found on my Smule Channel
PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES as these are not studio recordings, but Smule – headphones provide the balanced sound.
Jaya's Smule Channel Jaya’s Smule Channel – Please wear headphones


Going Home – Classic Djvorak- this is a beautiful piece…..

Let There Be Light – Mike Oldfields beautiful instrumental, with haunting soaring Angelic vocals (enjoy the duet between Anastasia Shamova & Jaya).

Remember Me – Thomas Bergensen – film music – I adore this piece. The recording is a little fuzzy at the beginning… but stay with it… its gorgeous.

Nella Fantasia (Gabriele’s Oboe) – stunning music from ‘The Mission’ film

Let Me Fall – Duet with Rupert_Teapot – gorgeous freestyle Josh Groban classic

SOS d’un terrienn detresse – difficult but beautiful piece to sing – hope you enjoy this labour of love.

Jai Ho – AH Rahman – short version

May It Be – classic Enja.

Turning Page – from Twilight’s ‘Breaking Dawn’ soundtrack.

Mi Morena – Duet with Rupert_Teapot – I adore this song.

Daughter of the Midnight Sun – with Stuart Wilde (RIP) – one of my longtime favourites

A Sky Full of Stars – recorded very early one morning in July 2018.  I adore this piece.

The Prayer  – (not the usual one) initially, I heard this sung by gorious Norwegian singer, Cecila – its hauntingly beautiful.

A Place In Heaven – Thomas Bergensen – film music.

Nessun Dorma – Classic Italian Opera – with UK based Rupert_Teapot (my first attempt, so not perfect Italian…. but, hope you enjoy Rupert’s performance).

Ave Maria – Jaya sings with Jaya in this classical piece by Cuccini.

Earth Song – a dedication to our Mother Earth – a Michael Jackson classic

Dive (Captain Nemo) – a Sarah Brightman song – and a beautiful duet.

The Voice (Jaya x 3 harmonies) – Celtic Woman classic – such a pretty song!

Gladiator – My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius – Voice Over (with some humour)

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