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I’ve been singing so much the past eight months – every single day. Sometimes all day; into the night; all through the night – going to bed at early morning; then starting all over again…  its been a huge time of creativity, relentless practice. I have been so busy with ‘other’ creative pursuits this past year, including the gift of travelling to Canada (Vancouver BC; plus Calgary & Banff in Alberta) – the first time in my life I’ve had ‘time’ to develop my other interests. I’ve worked with other musicians to craft a new original song, volunteered in film competitions, produced   short films of my own and…  sung. There is now  more than 2000+ songs on my Smule channel  – each one crafted, one at a time, all songs are a labour of love, unpaid yes, but… filled with the Joy and satisfaction of creating music, short films and many many friendships online and wordwide.  The best things in life for me – next to walking in fresh air on the beach, healthy food, family & friends, and the good fortune for travel – is to practice singing – it helps with the release of emotional stress, being creative with music and improving my vocals.  I’ve worked really hard this past eight months, and I have improved so much.  And juggling my days has still be hectic at times along with time with family and friends. But I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to work hard with music again.  Pitch and Rythym have both improved dramatically; as well as the technical and artistic growth that stretching to perform challenging songs brings to the table.  I hope you enjoy some of the songs on my Smule & Youtube channels – please ‘like/ or, heart’ the songs; and SUBSCRIBE to either of the channels.  Just knowing people are enjoying the work I labour at, keeps me going, inspired.


If you would like to discuss any future opportunity to include my musical or film talents within your project, please contact me.

See also: Jaya Khoobsurat Official Music Youtube Channel

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