Memoirs from the eyes of a student

Something different… a beautiful post written by one of my Thai English students – Weerada Wongputorn – in memory of my recent trip to Chiang Mai Thailand – a huge thank you so much Weerada, for such a lovely written expression.

These pictures of Weerada and myself (taken at the Love Language Academy in Samut Songkram, Maha Chai) also include some tourist trinkets that I purchased at the Long Necked Tribal Village (about an hour’s drive from Chiang Mai); and some angel wings painted on the wall at the hostel I stayed at.

Weerada writes:

“Today, I have talked with a petite blonde-haired lady who is from Australia. She is Teacher Jaya Khoobsurat. We had talked about various interesting things – for example, her recent trip to Chiang Mai; and her Singer challenges (about making music in general, relationships with the singers, and my new understanding of what the phrase ‘bedroom-eyes’ means ie. Jaya told me a funny story about a male singer who adores the female singers.)

The beginning of our conversation started with my question, ‘How was your trip to Chiang Mai, T. Jaya?’.  She told me about the bus trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, and that it took more than ten hours (and how she was ‘bus-lagged’ from the trip!!) and was very tired when she arrived; but that she did enjoy watching movies, watching the scenery go past, and, sleeping just  a little.  She then slept on arrival in Chaing Mai. The next day, she traveled to the mountains and visited many gorgeous temples by private taxi. You would expect the trip to be expensive – and that might be a disadvantage, right?  But in fact, the trip wasn’t expensive for the entire day’s travelling of about 350km (1500 TBT = $63AUD), especially when one considers the good points, being comfort and simplicity (one driver, and without constant stopping at un-needed destinations, as per a group trip would endure). Her trip sounded very cool!

I learned many things from her stories. I learned that absorbing culture is very important in traveling into other countries and that friendships are vital for support in a new country, and to always be remaining vigilant to safety.

I will state that she is an amazing singer: her voice and skill were perfect as I listened to some of her tracks  – she sings on ‘Smule’, an app. on a smart-phone, used for collaborating with other singers online and internationally.  She talked at length about her experiences of singing – to become a better singer, she practices every day.  Learning the different melodies in each song is a big challenge for singers, as well as keeping in key and rhythm.  Jaya has ‘met’ many singers from all over the world using Smule. One of them was a Mexican man who had ‘bedroom eyes’. That means a person who, when you look into his fascinating eyes, he looks like he wants to sleep with all the women (I’m laughing now!)!!

To be a professional at anything, you have to have passion, work hard for it, go do it, think positively and love your chosen craft.

T. Jaya taught me many things today.  I understand better, the viewpoint of being a foreigner who travels within Thailand. Travel can be difficult at times, but good intentions and thorough planning can solve all challenges. The most important thing I learned is that to do anything successfully, do it from your heart.”

~ Weerada Wongputorn, October 2018.

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