Memoirs from the eyes of a student

Something different… a beautiful post written by one of my Thai English students – Weerada Wongputorn – in memory of my recent trip to Chiang Mai Thailand – a huge thank you so much Weerada, for such a lovely written expression.

These pictures of Weerada and myself (taken at the Love Language Academy in Samut Songkram, Maha Chai) also include some tourist trinkets that I purchased at the Long Necked Tribal Village (about an hour’s drive from Chiang Mai); and some angel wings painted on the wall at the hostel I stayed at.

Weerada writes:

“Today, I have talked with a petite blonde-haired lady who is from Australia. She is Teacher Jaya Khoobsurat. We had talked about various interesting things – for example, her recent trip to Chiang Mai; and her Singer challenges (about making music in general, relationships with the singers, and my new understanding of what the phrase ‘bedroom-eyes’ means ie. Jaya told me a funny story about a male singer who adores the female singers.)
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My work – Music and Film UPDATE June 2017

ging Art Photo:  Courtesy of facebook nametests

Its been a while since my last post… and, I’ve been so, so busy. But, life has a funny way of giving us ‘breaks’ to follow other passions…. and so, I’d like to share with you, what I’ve been up to……

Read on to listen to music and see films (click on the blue Smule, youtube, vimeo links)…

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JK enters the UAE – where does one begin….?

I am so grateful.

Having been in the UAE for just five days, I truly can say, this is a gracious country. So many people from all over the world reside here; and the impression is one of a hard-working, polite,  and very friendly country.

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Stunning compilation of Christmas Music…. enjoy!


Nearly two hours of fantastic music.. just open in a new tab, so it doesn’t interfere with any of your other work online.. and have playing in the background as you work, rest, or, wrap presents *wink* (remember to cuddle your loved ones too… life is precious) — ENJOY!


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‘Synergy’ – A celebration of one school of brilliant kids Artworks!

IMG_1912 photo

‘Synergy’ is the annual Art Exhibition held in the school Library in which Coombabah State High School (Queensland) presents both traditional and digital art from Years 8 to 12.

What a fantastic show of talent from young people!

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Paper Bricks & Worm Juice

Students of Sacred Heart Primary School, Mildura, learn how to make bricks from scrap paper, and worm juice from organic food remnants.

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Take Action. Think Frogs! Documentary launch

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‘Take Action. Think Frogs!’

We launched publicly on December 8th, 2011

at the Department of Primary Industries, Mildura VICTORA.


Original music was commissioned to Skye-Tara Lewis

who currently performs at the Gold Coast Youth Orchestra.