My work – Music and Film UPDATE June 2017

ging Art Photo:  Courtesy of facebook nametests

Its been a while since my last post… and, I’ve been so, so busy. But, life has a funny way of giving us ‘breaks’ to follow other passions…. and so, I’d like to share with you, what I’ve been up to……

Read on to listen to music and see films (click on the blue Smule, youtube, vimeo links)…

I have finished my UAE teaching contract (3.5 years of teaching film, photography and art to over 1400 female Emirate teenagers) – a huge task, and in completing this challenging time in my life, it is something I am very proud to have accomplished, despite all the hurdles, intense stresses, some definite troubles and, enormous learning curves.

I will now return to Australia for a breath of air, visit family and friends.

And then…

I intend to travel overseas for a few months – be a ‘leaf in the wind’ of opportunity – looking at Canada (Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver); then, Georgia, Tunisia, France, Italy, perhaps India; and, also, maybe USA… these are the list of my possibles… and I’ll keep you posted as I know my movements – life is a true oyster, pearls of wisdom and beauty, awaiting to be explored!!


I’ve been singing most days with artists all over the world with – having a lot of fun, and the learning curve is huge. Here are my latests songs: (you may find the application works better on your phone):

SMULE Jaya Khoobsurat **

**Oh yes, I changed my name  – I’ve grown out of the ‘Chela Drolma’ I was graciously given in 2009; and I was given a new name recently by a dear friend  – Khoobsurat (this is Urdu, and means, ‘beautiful’ – that is what I aspire to bring into this life – beautiful work  that inspires people towards making our world a better place – I will use this now, as my artistic/screen name).

Youtube:  SMULE







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