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Textile Redemption – the tale of Jeni’s marvellous shopping bags


Jaya proudly holds her beautiful shopping bag, made by textile & stitch Artist, Jeni Irwin 30th July 2017

Meet ‘stitch artist’ Jeni Irwin, from Nungurner, Victoria – she has been making shopping bags for quite some years now, using recycled fabrics from op-shops, thrift stores, market stalls –  as she explained to me, this is “a project to inspire and encourage the use of some of the huge amount of waste fabric that is sent to landfill – offcuts, leftovers, clothes, linen – rescued for a new life!”




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Jeni creates simply beautiful and environmentally friendly work, stitching together shopping bags made from a huge variety of fabrics, pre-loved jumpers, clothing, embroidery, cross-stitch, lace, etc, all salvaged – a vast amount of material that does not go into landfill – an awesome effort by a single artist with a conscience. The understanding of ‘redemption’ of fabrics –  some very beautiful – being salvaged from being wasted — just think of how much effort goes into making even one kind of fabric, let alone all the zillions of patterns, textures, weaves, and kinds of materials that Jeni uses to make even a single lined shopping bag (wool, silk, cotton, linen, synthetics, jute, embroidery threads, cashmere/albacca – all different fabrics; plus, buttons and thread).

For all enquiries, or to support her project, please contact Jeni on +61 03 5156 3154 

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