Africa & Amazon on Fire – Power of LOVE

The Power of Love – Gabriel Aplin cover

SOLO: BY SPECIAL REQUEST – The Power of Love ♥️💜♥️💜🙏🏻😇 – I was asked by a very dear friend to sing this piece.  Please wear headphones for sound balance phones as this is a Smule recording (not studio balance or engineered – just pure voice, sung in one take, without altering the fundamental vocal abilities).  This song is sung for for the Amazon & Africa jungles that are burning, and the Australia’s GBR – the precious air, earth, water, oceans, and all the precious animals and birds, for without, our lives will be diminished and even, removed.

It is the Divine plan for each of us, to awaken, and, act to look after our earth, our families depend on it. This prayer of song is for the lungs of the Earth, in both the Amazon and the centre of Africa (both on fire) and, being burned by criminal minds – the earth belongs to us all, and we are its guardians – but why, why, why, is humanity allowing these incomprehensibly destructive crimes to go on unchecked – this issue is connected to the Barrier Reef being destroyed as well.

And just for good measure, a mention for children of war, homelessness and chemical toxicity should get fair mention. But without the Amazons lungs to keep the planets eco-system and precious air supply in check, we are all in BIG BIG trouble. Not to mention all the animal, bird life and wealth of medicines found in that vast heart of our planet being destroyed – what for… ??? Profits and products we do not need!

🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Make love your goal 💜💜💜💜💜😇

Much love and affection, stay blessed, Jaya Khoobsurat

Youtube of Africa on Fire
Smule song link

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