Day 6: Anthills, Thermal Springs and a Thunderstorm welcome to Darwin!

Final day of travelling (Sunday 17th January, 2021)… its been the hugest trip as a solo drive…. I take my hat off to the truck drivers of this country, who do these kind of treks every week!
Read on…..

Click on this map for detail – Daly Waters to Darwin via Matalanka Thermal Springs

Firstly, finally stopped driving to film a few of the literally millions of red-mud anthill mounds – stalagmites of mud…. amazing creations!

A minor repair to a broken fuel cap…. with friendly Darwin wreckers – a shoutout to Atlas Auto Spares who assisted my repair with a smile and a wave – I have a silver cap that matches my hubcaps! And, the Darwin Bay, with low tide; and, bright emerald green everywhere – the parks are a joy to see after the much drier South Australian landscapes!

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