A room with a view – blessed at present, after many, many moves in life

More than 40 floors up, the Gulf winks

I’ve had over 50 moves this lifetime. So for the time I’m here, I’m enjoying a stable base, with the first time ever, a glorious view! Just bliss…

Its my piece of rental heaven right now – apartment living – and even though I live in the office in front of the computer most of the time, a work-a-holic at times being sometimes up to 18-hour days…  one must do, what one must do, to make a living… and as my school package included an apartment and this one was empty at the time…  I snapped it up, quick smart!

So for my friends and family who are curious to see where I’m living at present, here’s a glimpse (but ‘scuse the washing up in the kitchen, not put away…!). I have two bathrooms too (I can hear the groans..  I use this one as the guest bathroom and to do my hair (oh, yes, a whole bathroom to blow-dry my hair – cool, eh!; the other is my personal bathroom space, hidden from your eyes…… !!).  But hey, aint the view just grand??!  I was SO excited when I found this place, as I’ve never had a view in my life…  this is simply, a beautiful aspect, over 40 floors off the ground, looking out over the Gulf.

And if you are wondering, this place was completely unfurnished (no fridge, washing machine nor even a stove, no curtains or furniture.. no, nothing, zip…) – it  took me long, long days and six weeks of hunting every night after work for everything in the annual sales, at Arabian markets, and from online second-hand purchases; plus utilising local tailors/curtain makers to outfit the place to the simple modern comfort it now is – lots of resourcefulness and tight budgeting (and some personal loan debt!!). Yes, I love coming home after a hard day’s work, to sit on the balcony for a cuppa and chat with one of my neighbors (there are some really lovely people/family’s/children in this building, who I call my dear friends).

Not saying ‘where’ this is.. just showing you a lovely living space I am so very, very grateful to have at present.. for how long? Who knows – life is fragile at times. I’ll just count my blessings and pray I’m kept safe… I’m a pretty happy bunny with this view and a simple, if not very, very busy hard-working life. And yes, the Gulf waters are warm now, just right for swimming in a therapeutic way… lovely to have the mineral salts on the skin!  For now, its ‘home’… until once again, I must move in life. I’ll enjoy this whilst I can…..

4 thoughts on “A room with a view – blessed at present, after many, many moves in life

  1. Wow! Nice big apt. Great job of decorating – it looks fabulous! So glad to hear that you are happy and feeling settled and enjoying a busy life. It appears that you have cleverly acquired everything you need, at least for a while. Wonder what will be next in the future. At least life hasn’t been dull as you have managed to keep it interesting and diverse along with hard work on which you seem to thrive. I (secretly) am envious of all your adventures! Enjoy life while you are still young.

    Great to see things going well and your lovely apartment.

    Sending you lots of love & hugs from Oz.

    Terri Xxoo

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    1. That is very kind of you Terri…. Its not been an ‘easy’ shift; but, the worst has been done and dusted now. Its so nice to hear from you. I have just contacted a Dolphin research project happening here in the UAE – http://wp.uaedolphinproject.org – which is monitoring dolphin activities here in the UAE. You might enjoy this little film recently released by them: http://www.youtube.com/embed/MgGfF3RS5Ac Stay in touch – miss your lovely energy and hugs. Warmly, J.


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