Selfie – through the years – a pictorial medley (1995-2014)

‘Coloured Wings’ Original Painting

A medley of Pictures of Jaya’s artistic journey, through the years….  from 1995-2014 (19 years). Yes, a ‘selfie’ record. But hey….  its sure interesting to remember all the events and efforts and… sadness, battles, love, loss, joy and fun!

2 thoughts on “Selfie – through the years – a pictorial medley (1995-2014)

  1. My Darling Jaya, what can I say, they are all beautiful, interesting the subtle changes over the years that we put down to life’s experiences, its obvious that you are still hurting, just don’t dwell upon it. Oh to be so young with such talents, and such beauty, you owe it to yourself to enjoy your present circumstances, remember each day is a new beginning and none of us know what new adventure is awaiting us.

    Thank you for sending me these keepsakes, I will make a collage of them for my desk and think of you each day, in my quite moments I pray for your happiness and hope to meet up with you once again, if not in this life, in the next. Love is a marvellous emotion it has so many nuance’s and there was a time ( 7Y, 11M &3W) when my world was filled with pain and desolation, but thanks to having friends who Loved me the pain gradually diminished and I became thankful for that which I had before that date. You will also reach the same plane eventually, life is like that and we all should continue on to seek out Love and comfort in new friendships and acquaintances. Lecture over, I just want you to know that you have a special place in my heart, and I will be here for you in whatever way you may need me, should the occasion arise . Slainte! take care, be safe, be happy and find new Love’s Michael xoxoxo Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 12:07:27


    1. What can I say to that sweet comment than.. My heartfelt gratitude to you dear Michael. You are such a lovely friend to have on the end of the line, through the ethers. Bless you always. Till next we speak/meet, stay safe. Warmly, with love, Jaya.


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