Mother Saree

Two beautiful Saree’s – a short personal journey by JCD – a gentle tale.

A fairly shy person in my private life, this video footage was filmed by one of the staff during a recent stay for recuperation at The Ayurgruham Ayurveda Hospital.

I have worn many costumes and cultural styles of clothing in my varied artistic life; but this moment captured on film was a very special experience, given lovingly by two Kerala Women (Mother & Daughter).

I enjoyed the a fun few hours playing dress-ups – both Saree’s were in traditional Kerala; or glorious vibrant Indian colours, enough to sate the visuals; and I received this gifts in the age old tradition of being dressed by other women – a loving time.  I am such a ‘girl’ at heart – and absolutely love looking at or trying on, all kinds of clothing to express myself. Indian, Arabic, Western, European… clothing from many traditions and cultures – dressing up in beautiful clothing can only bring the deepest sense of contentment to a woman’s emotional and physical well-being when our mystery and beauty is embellished.

So, from me to those two women, ‘Thank you so much Loving Ladies, for making this such a memorable ‘initiation’ experience into the mysteries of folding, then wearing the magnificent Indian cultural piece, the Saree. Your loving kindness will be long remembered.’


6 thoughts on “Mother Saree

  1. Hi Jaya
    Finally I’ve had a good look around your websites and I’ve been informed just by doing so. Your videos are great. Are you shooting from your iPhone 5? Just as good as the PD150 at film school. In particular I enjoyed this vid because it reminded me of the day I first tried on a sari…lots of wrapping of material around your waist.


    1. Thank you Reenie… I have just revamped the site – its fresher, and has new professional pics of me finally; and three new videos completed during my recent holidays (LTFTG #5; LTFI #1 & 2). Yes, at present, only my iPhone as the mainstay, although the LTFI #1 Classical Dance was filmed with a JVC Everio Camcorder – whilst I’m not happy with that film’s technical quality, its an easy camera to use when filming. Meanwhile, I am looking at three different types of broadcast quality camera which hopefully, I will purchase one later in the year… to replace the stolen camera gear from last year (see post about making Lemonade from Lemons) — I’m just doing all my homework now on models and pricing. I’m favouring either Canon, Panasonic or JVC again. Just need to raise the funds which can be hefty; and my personal committments at present mean, I must be patient. I hope if those thieves ever happen to stumble over this post, they are suffering from their actions…….. Strewth, I cursed them!


    1. Thank you Mangalan… it was truly a lovely afternoon…. And, I have also a beautiful handpainted peacock Saree, created by one of those Mothers as a lovely memento. Have to learn how to pleat and wear it! I’m so grateful for these lovely experiences.


  2. Hi their Jaya, You look great, beautifully serene and happy, I hope the moment continues for ever . Slainte! much peace, Love and happiness, always Michael xoxo


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