Muscat, Oman – a jewel in the crown of Gulf countries


Such a wonderful visit two weeks back, to Muscat, Oman – a truly magnificent country, that is a green well-manicured oasis of abundance. I will go back there again, without a doubt – I just fell in love with the place!

Relax as you view the pictures… music to soothe the soul…


Muscat is a culturally rich and diverse city, that feels ancient, with a modern interface – the buildings are no higher than five stories high, all white/cream, and its a very clean country. Everywhere there is signs of art and heritage. I have included pictures of Muscat Gate Museum, the glorious Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, famous for the 2nd largest handmade carpet in the world (it used to be the largest until the Sheik Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi was built) – just, stunning;  the Muscat Palace; and a museum complex complete with hand painted and decorated goat art statues. And there here is an assortment of a few other places I didn’t know the names for (forgive me!).  This is one city you just don’t want to miss in your travels if in the Gulf region.

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